Peace for all children

Acrylic on canvas

50×130 cm 2020

For this work I got hugs from my neighbor girl Tess Katoele, with pain in her heart she had to make a choice from her mother Suus which twenty hugs she could keep, she had to get rid of the rest. Tess attends primary school de Tweemaster and not only gave me these fluffy models, which would actually become Elvis for my dog, food for thought for this special exhibition. No matter how cheerful the hugs are, my thoughts were drawn to a black and white photo made in Auschwitz of all hugs in a glass cube of children who were horribly murdered. Of course I didn’t want to make work with this terrible theme for in the Spil. I decided to make a cheerful version of children who live in peace with their toys. This is how the cheerful version of the old black and white photo became. Everyone has the right to peace and certainly children.

2000 Euro