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Since he can hold a pen or pencil reasonably well, there is nothing more fascinating than a white sheet to subject a small piece of Pieterstad to. He started as a three-year-old drawing next to the illustrations in a thick cookbook of his mother and has never held up. At twenty-two he was urged by his friends to earn a living from his drawing and painting. Something that remains strange to Zandvliet to this day. Drawing is like a daily need for him. He always wanted to be a cartoonist who in his spare time wanted to be a football player first and then a cyclist or triathlete. Jobs always went wrong. At forty-two he was diagnosed with Asperger's form of the autistic spectrum, and he understood why he couldn't understand the World and its rules. In 2008 Zandvliet moved from Schiedam to Nieuwleusen where he lives with great pleasure. He exhibited his paintings, drawings, objects and his art performances all over the world, such as the Boetlek Underground Escape, a project by Serge Epskamp and Zandvliet. Pieter currently places drawings on his website, which you cannot view in one hour, so there is absolutely no chance in this fast-paced World of swap culture. But for those who really take the time, there will be a lot to learn, this city of ink and paper, where you will find criminals, heroes, animals, athletes, artists, musicians, movie stars (from all categories of this medium). Each figure has his or her own often beautiful story that you can find on the internet. Zandvliet hopes it will surprise you just as it did him.

                                                                                                                      Pete Sandcreek



Black and with ones 22/29.7 cm 40 Euro

the color ones are 60 Euro.

Shipping costs excl.           Big hug from the Human drawing machine 

Vader Abraham


Andre the Giant


Hulk Hogan

Anton de Kom

Georgi Asparuhov

Le Huynh Duc


Edward Kelly

Bob Scholte

Kees Pruis

Eddy Wally

Alexander Olshanetsky



Milko Djurovski

Ann Lee




kinder ei



The Queen is dead

Cowboy Sam

Lekke band

Back packer

Dutch super heros Camelman. Ad Kruik beter bekend als Camelman werd geboren in Grafhorst een plaatsje bij Kampen. Als drie jarig knaapje dronk hij een krat bier leeg waardoor hij een bult op zijn rug kreeg, waar altijd bier in zit. Zo kan Camelman altijd en overal overleven, want dorst is de goedeman onbekend. Hij zei ooit in een interview dat hij zo’n bult iedere bier drinker gunde. Maar hij is tot dusverre de één en enige met zo’n achterlijke bult. Hij is altijd dronken dus veel mensen redden is er niet bij, maar hij heeft een mooi pak toch?

Lawrence Oliphant


Herman Brood

Marley Marl

Dj Kool Herc

Joe Hill

Jazzy Jay

Utah Phillips

Iilja Gort

Killer Bee Honey

Donald Fuck

Rare vogel 100 Euro

Pelican 100 Euro

Toekan 100 Euro

Ooievaar 100 Euro

Hakan Şükür

Metin Oktay

Gheorghe “Gică” Hagi


Hao Haidong

Wiep Idzenga

Camile Claudel

Reggie Kray

Ronnie Krey


Dr. David Livingstone


Galileo Galilei

Screaming Jay Hawkins

Gigi Meroni

Saomar Abdullah Aljaber

Mohammed Ali Akid

Faisal Al-Dakhil

Schone hoer

System crash



Art made me an artist

This is not an appletree 

Another way

Pelang pelang 


Gershon Kingsley

Yukiko kuwabara

Belly dancer

Luis Garavito

Marie Antoinette on the Run

Monk and Marie Antoinette

Insane gentle man

Mad and happy

George Michael

Brain surgery


Margaret Shilling

Jimmy Scott

Ornette Coleman


Pieter Retief

Adolf Wölfli

Willem Holtrop

Jaqueline de Jong

George Quaintance

Tom of Finland

Bob Mizer

Philip Henry Sheridan

Saint Peter

Saint Peter

Bob Hope

Peter the Great


      the Black Keys  

Huub van der Lubbe

Greta Garbo

Salomon Burke

Jacques Derrida

Leonard Cohen

Roy Meyer

Kevin Keegan

Ferenc Puskas

Ferenc Puskas


Ozzy Osbourne

Wilhelm von Gloeden

Napoleon Sarony

Amadeo Modigliani

Alphonse Mucha

Marcel Duchamp

Marte Roling

Marten Toonder

Jeff Healey

Jeffrey Dahmer

Nuclaire topje Barack Obama



George Duke

Jan Rot


Patrick Maynard Stuart Blackett

Pancho Villa

Pablo Escobar

Sjoukje Dijkstra

Walter Wild

Alfonsina Strada

René Pottier

Rico Verhoeven

Otto von Bismarck

Otis Toole

Osama Bin Laden

Peerke van Averbode

Louise Willy

Luis Bunuel

Maarten van Rossem

Maarten van Rossem

Henny Vrienten

Mercedes Sosa

Bo Carter

Wally Tax

Stef Biemans

Sophia Loren

Sheldon Cooper

Shigeo Tokuda

Sharon Tate

Sean Connory

Rik van Looy

Rinus Michels

Martijn Engelbregt

Robert Combas

Roberto Baldazzini

Robert Crumb

Roberto Raviola AKA Magnus

Roger Brand

Roger Raveel

Ronnie Cutrone

Victor Hugo Halston

Andre Walker

Jed Johnson

Ron Weijers

Roberto Acuna Cabello

Rob Rensenbrink
Ron Jeremy

Ron Jeremy

Ron Jeremy

Marcellus Emants





Black Thought

Gerrit van Schuppen

Marc Stevens

Marina Ovsyannikova


George Sand

Jaap Fischer

Bob Clacello

Gerrit Komrij

Rijk de Gooyer

Alfred Hitchcock

Joop Zoetemelk

Romain Maes

Romario de Souza Faria

Lana Turner

Lauren Bacall

Lawrence Barraclough

Leonardo Dicaprio

Louis de Funes

Albert Einstein

Diana Wind

Roy lichtenstein

S. Clay Wilson

Sir John Frederick William Herschel

Stanislaw Szukalski

Speedy Graphito


Hans Asperger

Chaim Potok

Henk van Straten


Jello Biafra

Manuel de Falla

Martha Reeves

Jacques Offenbach

Jacques Dutronc

Jean Louis Costes

Mikolaius Konstantinas Ciurlionis

Terminator X


Theo Koomen

Thomas Paine

Thomas Alva Edison

Thomas Mann

Thomas Hardy

Blixa Bargeld

Big Boy Henry

Betty Page

Bessie Smith

Benny Goodman

ARNO Hintjes

Boetlek Spacetower

Jerry Lee Lewis

Fatboy Slim

Chet Baker

Gibby Haynes

Thomas Hardy

Tom Lanoye

Tom Wolfe

Veronica Vera

Virginia Woolf

Victor Hugo

Itam van Teeseling

Rémy Belvaux

Miranda Green

Peter Pannekoek

Anton Bruckner

Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin

Frank Zappa 100 Euro 

Bobby Farrell


Brian Dougans

Brian Eno

Brian Jones

Dusty Springfield

Bryan Ferry

Daniel Day Lewis

Benoit Poelvoorde

Quintin Tarantino

Tim Burton

Tony Curtis

Vanessa del Rio

Virginie Despentes

Woody Allen

Yukio Mishima

Maurice Tillet

Zac Stevens


Theo van Gogh

Theo van Gogh

Theo van Gogh

Buddy Holly

Bob Dylan

Theo Wesselo

AD Rock

Adriana Varela

Al Jolson

Alan Vega

Ana Kiro

Andre Williams

Ricardo Darin

Ricky Gervais

Andre Hazes

Romina Paula

 Anna Kitten Pie

Anne Frank Zappa (Band)

Rob Schneider

Robert de Niro

Sophie Evans 

The Crazy world of Arthur Brown

Tim Curry

Al Green
Bill Haley
Billy Corgan
Bix Beiderbecke

Camerón de la Isla

Abdel Halim Ali Shabana

Léonce Gras

Camilla Henemark

Carl Perkins

Carlos Gardell

Charles Aznavour

Abraham (Prophet)

Reinier Saris van der Gronden

Rabindranath Tagore


Qin Shi Huang

Putin on his way

Princess Beatrix

Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Isabella,_Queen_of_France


Princess Beatrix

King Charles,_Prince_of_Wales

Pope Alexander VI

Pope Pius IX


Pol Pot

Pim Fortuyn


Charley Patton

Charley Patton

Charlie Parker

Cheb Chaleb


Cliff Richard

Conchita Wurst


CP Lee

Courtney Love

Marco Borsato

Bob Fosko

Conrad Mohammed


Colonel Henry Elliott Chevallier Kitchener,_2nd_Earl_Kitchener



Che Punk

Che Punk

Ruben Schaken

Rudi Lubbers

Ruud Gullit

Sammy Monsels

Chief Foreskin

Bobby Bland

Captain Beefheart

Rhonda Branham

Sarah Winnemucca Hopkins

Ricardo Suares    


Sophie Evans

Ted Langenbach

Terry Richarson

Shirin Neshat


Thys Keijzer from Leiden my uncle an artist aswell

Tom Oomes

Sandra Zandvliet

Tristan Tzara

Sjimoitjiro Maeno

Silvie Hilaire

Robert Mapplethorpe

Nadia Veronica Guajardo Ramirez

Óscar Domínguez


Twiggy Lawson

NOC 167

Tyree Guyton

Vaugn Bode

Valeria Lukyanova

Wassily Kandinsky

Willem de Kooning

Willy Vandersteen

Wim T Schippers

Xandra Severien

John Mason AKA Microphobic

Wim van Zon

Vincent van Gogh

Vivienne Westwood

Walter van Beierendonk

Oriana Bittolo

Otto Dix

     Pablo Picasso

Kurt Schwitters

Raphael Cherki

Paul McCarthy

Pol Bury

Raoul Hausmann

Raymond Pettibon

Rashid Johnson

Reinier Lucassen


Rembrandt van Rijn

Rémi Blanchard

Remond Liesting

Remond Liesting

Rene Maagdenberg

René Margritte

Renzo Rosso


Rhamsey Kuijper

Ricard Mira

Richard Di Rosa

Richard Kern

Rob Scholte

Robert Capa

Paul Blanca

Paul Cézanne

Paul Citroen

Paul Smith

Paul Thek

Pedro Bell

Peter Klashorst

Peter Paul Rubens

Peter Pontiac

Eric Schreurs

Ximo Nebot Pereira

Theo Gootjes

Bas van Tuijl

Pierre Alechinsky

Pierre Bonnard

Piet Mondriaan

Pieter Breugel

Pieter Zandvliet

Martijn Oosterga

Matil Klarwein

Matthew Barney (sold)

Maurizio Cattelan


Max Beckman

Michael Ray Charles

Miguel Barceló

Mike Kelly

Mirin Dajo

Moritz Götze

Muhanad Farzat

Moha Boudat

Marishka V. MCEnti

Mariko Mori

Mark Smol


Machteld de Leij

Allmost Yoko Ono

Aloïse Blanche Corbaz

Alexandrine Tinne

Alex Gross

Alberto García Alix

Adrian Adolph Greenburg

Adrianus van der Plas

Abdul Mati Klarwein

Lukas van Leyden

Louis Bouwmeester

Luigi Colani

Leonardo da Vinci

Lucian Freud

Lorna Buckley

Tanino Liberatore

Léonard Tsuguharu Foujita

Les Nichols

Leni Riefenstahl

Leila Alaoui

Lee Quiñones

Lawrence Weiner

Saskia van Herwijnen (sold)


Stoog v/d Lastplak

Krista Beinstein


Kim Deitch

Kees van Dongen

Keith Haring

Kenny Sharf

Karl Friedrich Benz

Karel Appel

Justus Donker

Julie Becker

Joss Trembleau

Joseph Puyol

Joan Fabian

Johnny Eck

Joseph Beuys

Jon Hul

John Anthony Baldessari

John Heartfield

Joe Coleman

Joan Brossa i Cuervo

Jesus Helguera

Jean Paul Gauthier

Jean-Michel Basquiat (sold)

Jean-Michel Basquiat

Jean Dubuffet

Jean Cocteau

Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres

Jan Toorop

Jan Snoeck

Jan Fabre

James Ensor

Hein Dingemans

Hans Kanters

Jean Arp

Marnix Rueb

H.R. Giger

H.P. Lovecraft

Gustav Klimt

Guillaume Apollinaire

Giovanna Casotto


Gilbert & George

Georges Wolinski

Georgia O’ Keeffe

Geoges Braque

Gary Arlington

Futura 2000

Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi

Francis Bacon

Francesco Clemente

Francesc Gimeno (sold)

Pieter Zandvliet with his dog Elvis

Antoni Tapies

Michel Tapie

Herve Di Rosa

Herman Gordijn

Marlene Dumas

Henri Cueco

Hanne Hagenaars

Han van Meegeren

Guy Colwell

H.C. Westermann

Giorgio de Chirico

Frank to Jim Woodring

Friederich Hundertwasser


Frida Kahlo

Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi

Frans Hals

François Boisrond

Erwin Olaf

Eric Claus

Enzo Cucchi

Elsa Schiaparelli

Emil Nolde

Elena Mar


Egon Schiele

Edward hopper

Edvard Munch

Edmond Aman-Jean

Ed van der Elsken

Easton Davy

Dori Seda

Dondi White

Diego Rivera

Dirk Bernhard Schmitz

Dick Bruna


David Hockney (sold)

Dave Cooper

Damian Hirst

Daan van Golden


Cor van Teeseling

Constantin Brancusi

Cindy Sherman


Christian Dior

Charley Toorop

Charley Toorop

Chaim Santine

Cesar Manrique

César Baldaccini

Cecill Beaton

Catherina van Hemessen

Carlos Mosquera

Carles Santos

Calvin Schenkel

Bob Fingerman


Billy Shire

Benito Quinquela Martin

Auguste Rodin

Aubrey Vincent Beardsley


AR Penck

Antoni Gaudi (sold)

Anton Corbijn (sold)

Anton Heyboer

Andy Warhol (sold)

Andy Warhol

Andre Breton

WF Hermans

Wilfried de Jong

Wilfred de Bruijn

Wilhelm Dilthey

William Blake


William Burroughs

Sándor Petőfi

Sam Cohen

Sigmund Freud

Sigmund Freud

Kalle Lasn

Simon Vinkenoog (sold)


Soren Kierkegaard

Stef Biemans

Stephen King

Karl Friedrich May

Suzanna Jansen

Klazien Rotstein-van den Brink (sold)

Krishna Menon

Lee Miller

Leo Tolstoy

Lester Bangs

Lilian Smith

Louis Braille

Louis Ferdinand Celine


Louis Pasteur

Raoul de Jong

Reina Prinsen Geerligs

Remco Campert

Roald Dahl

Rick Kewal Gademann

Rosalía de Castro

Roberto Rallo

Ronald Giphart

Romina Paula

Roos van Put

Louis Paul Boon

Machteld Leij

Mahdi Elmandjra

Maria Montessorri

Marcus Aurelius

Marion Bloem

Martin Buber

Martin Gaus

Matthijs van Nieuwkerk



Maarten Biesheuvel

Maarten van Rossem


Nicolas Boileau

Nietzsche (sold)

Nikolaj Vasiljevitsj Gogol

Nostradamus (sold)

Oscar Wilde

Özcan Akyol

Paul Eluard

Percy Bysshe Shelly

Mary Shelly

Peter J Muller

Pierre Joseph Proudhon

Pierre Jules Hetzel

Marshall Herff Applewhite Jr

Mark Twain
Lulu Wang
Jurgen van Son (sold)

George Kettmann jr

H.P. Lovecraft

Hafid Bouazza

James Baldwin

James Clerk Maxwell

James Weddell

James Watt

James Fenimore Cooper

Jan Wolkers

Jean Cocteau

Jean-Paul Satre

Harriet Beecher Stone

Jeroen Brouwers

Harry Mulisch

John Keats

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

John Masefield

John Nation

John Updike

Johnny van Doorn

Helena Rubinstein

Henry David Thoreau

Dimitri Verhulst

Marina Ovsyannikova

Margaret Mead

Sylvia Day

Joost Zwagerman

Joost van den Vondel

Rudyard Kipling

Joseph Conrad

Jules Deelder

Henry Hudson

Jules Michelet

Jules Verne

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Guillaume Apollinaire

Granville Sharp

Guy de Maupassant

Gerrit Kouwenaar

Dr. Bart Huges

Frans Kafka

Mick van Wely

Ferdinand Domela Nieuwendijk

Frank Heinen

Francois Haversmidt AKA Piet Paaltjens

Friedrich Engels

Friedrich Nietzsche

Gabriel Garcia Márquez

Frans van Cauweleart

George Psalmanazar

Ruud Lubbers

Roman midget (sold)

Rolf Dunink

Ronit Goldschmidt

Roberto Esquivel Cabrera

Sanne van Ham

Sara Bendahan

Sam Houston

Samuel Little



Gautama Buddha

Saint Patrick

Saint Nicholas

Saint Franciscus

Saint Boniface

Sadhguru (sold)

Saddam Hussein

Sirhan Bishara Sirhan


Sir Thomas Noon Talfourd

Simon Wiesenthal

Simon Bolivar

Sheika Al Malik

Shroud Jesus



Sharon Gal

Serge Epskamp

Sebastiaan Pierik (sold)

Robert McGee

Robert Dudley,_1st_Earl_of_Leicester

Rita e Cristina Parodi

Sathya Sai Baba

Qin Shi Huangdi

Tomás de Torquemada

Three ball Charlie

Meet “Three Ball Charlie”, one of many characters from the iconic album cover of The Rolling Stones album “Exile On Main St.” He was a 1930s sideshow performer from Humboldt, Nebraska who holds three balls (a tennis ball, a golf ball, and a “5” billiard ball) in his mouth.

Tippu Tibb

Timoer Lenk

Thomas Woodrow Wilson

Robin de Koning

Thomas Paine

Thomas Wedders

Thomas a Kempis


Theodor Herzl 

Theodorus Bonjean

Ted Bundy


Tang the glorious

Sultan Suleyman I

Sultan Mehmet II

Sultan Murad

Sun Wukong

Stephen Biko

Stefano Joseph

Sojouner Truth


Sitting Bull

Sjah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi

William Mc Auliffe

Vladimir Poetin

Henk Stokvis

Vladimir Lenin

Vladimir Aleksandrovich Sukhomlinov

Virginia Hill

Vincent Wiers (sold)



Umberto I

Tony Blair


Abel Korsmit


Winston Churchill

Wim Henneicke

Willie Darden


William Wilberforce

William Travis

William Tecumseh Sherman

William Kidd

William III

Willem van Oranje

Willem van Eijk

Willem Blom

Willem Drees

Wilfred de Bruijn

Wei Zhongxian

Volkert van der Graaf


Willem Engel

Ed Gein

Donald Trump

David Berkowitz

Clowntje Bennie Leuk

Cornelisz Witte de With

Ragnar Lodbrok

Clyde Barrow

http://Bonnie and Clyde


Abe Reles

Butch Cassidy

Bonus boys

Blanche Barrow

Angry husband

Nannie Doss

Jan Mekel

Richard Schoenmaker

Thierry Baudet

Alfred Peter Friedrich von Tirpitz

Arie Jacobus de Jong

Antonio Tejero

William Burke

Mary Cotton

Amalia Dyer

Jane Toppan

William Hare

Andries Zwikker

Abraham Crama

Bad guy

Charlie Manson

Charlie Manson (sold)
Bonny Parker

Abraham Lincoln

Abu Al Ablas

Adelaide of Holland

Akbar the Great

Aïcha Kandicha

Adolf Shitler (sold)

Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler

Silvio Berlusconi

Benito Mussolini

Anton Adriaan Mussert

Alvina Murelli

Desi Kabouterse (sold)

Al Capone

Bugsy Seagel

Dutch Schultz

Frank Lucas

Francisco Valdez

Al Capone (sold)

Alessandro Volta

Alexander the great

Alfred the Great


Antipope Clemente IIV


Arius van Alexandrië


Ayatollah Khomeini


Baroness Bertha von Suttner

Benazir Bhutto


Cai Tingkai

Camille Desmoulins

Caiser Tiberius

Caiser Wilhelm II,_German_Emperor

Caiser Wu



Charles de Gaulle

Charles I


Charles Martel

Simon Tahamata (sold)

Siscu Pereira

Stanley Matthews

Sjefke Jansen

The Dutch Lion

Tim Visser

Tom Cooper the Fastest man in Detroit

Ton Sijbrands
Louwe Huizenga
Edmond Desbonnet

Johan Neeskens
Violette Morris
Willem van Hanegem
Joan Camper
Árpád Weisz
Willie Dullens
Wim Ruska
Wout Wagtmans
Wout Holverda
Zlatan Ibrahimović
Zinadine Zidane
Herman van Springel
Keegan Hirst
Kick Smit
Lance Armstrong
Laurent Fignon (sold)
Leen van Zandvliet
Lionel Messi the Wizard
Louis Zamperini
Louis Trousselier
Louison Bobet
Luther Blisset (sold)
Marinus Valentijn
Marouane Fellaini
Mathieu van del Poel
Maurice Garin
Maurice Tillet the French angel
Mike Tyson
Miguel indurein
Mayor Taylor
Minne Hoeksta

George Best

Di Stefano

Diego Maradona

Diego Armando Maradona

Georges Specher

My first soccer game with VVOH against GLZ

Neymar (sold)

Paolo Rossi


Paul Pogba

Peter Sagan


Philippe Thys

Piet Keizer

Piet Ikelaar

Piet Dickentman

Pim Kiderlen

Primo Canera

Puck van Heel

Bep van Klaveren

Aad Mansveld

Berry van Aerle

Georges Carpentier

Gerd Müller

Gerrie Knetemann

Henri Cornet

Henri Pelissier

Henri Pelissier

Henry Brown Floyd MacFarland

Humphrey Mijnals

Dick Nanninga

Marco van Basten

Marc Overmars

Coen Moulijn

Theo Laseroms

Rinus Israel

Wim Jansen

Ahmed Boughèra El Ouafi

Abdelkader Zaaf drunk

Abe Lenstra

Adolphe Heliere

Alex Blanchard

Alfonsina Strada

Alfredo Binda

Bauke Mollema

Ángel Labruna

Andre the Giant

Anton Geesink

Abdelhak Nouri

Bernard Hinault

Beto Alonso


Bobby Fisher

Budah on ice

Carlos Valderama

Charles Meunier

Wanda Jackson

Wende Snijders


Wendy O Williams

William Belli

Willie Wartaal

Willy Batenburg

Wycleff Jean (sold)

Woody Guthri

Zozo Sapountzaki

Tol Hansse

Ursula Rucker

Tom Jones

Toyah Willcox

Trent Reznor


Harry Muskee

Robert Schumann

Rocky Der Irokese,_der_Irokese


Samuel George Davis Jr

Saul Williams

Pharrel Williams

Serge Epskamp

Serge Gainsbourg

Rory Storm

Roy Wood

Roy Orbisson

Roxanne Shanté

Rowland S. Howard

Ry Cooder

Serge Epskamp

Seasick Steve (sold)

Sheena Easton

Sid Vicious

Robert Johnson

Shock G

Simon Chardiet

Sjef van Oekel

Sly Stone

Snoop dog

Sonny Rollins

Sonny Boy Williamson

Son House (sold)


Split Enz

Steve Vai

Steve Fender Grave

Hank Williams

Sun Ra

Professor Longhair

Ravi Shankar

Ray Charles

Regina Orozco

Rex Gildo

Reverend Beat-Man

Richard Wagner

Rick Rubin

Rob Tyner

Ringo Starr

Keith Flint

RL Burnside (sold)

Robert Long

Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky

Robert Belfour

Robert Smith

Keith Richards (sold)

Keith Moon

Killer Bee Honey

Kevin Donovan

Kevin Goyne

Kim Gordan

King Stitt

Klaus Schulze








Kurt Cobain


La Monte Young

Emma-Lady Emz

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga

Harp attack Pete

Lady Miss Kier

Lady of Rage

Lang Lang

Lars B Niesveen

Lee Perry

Lenny Kravitz

Lemmy (sold)

Lemmy (sold)

Leila K

Lidia Lunch

Lightnin’ Hopkins

Misha Mengelberg



Herbie Hancock

Lisa Carver


Little Richard

Liza Minelli

Herman Brood

Herman Brood

Ian Curtis

Ian Dury

Ice Cube

Iggy Pop

Lou Reed

Low Point drains

Lee Hazlewood

Uncle Luke

Lung Leg

Lux Interior

Lux Interior

Macy Gray

Ike Turner


Magic Dick

Mahalia Jackson

Maki Nomiya

Manu Chao

Marc Almond

Marianne Faithfull

Mark Kramer

Marilyn Manson (sold)

Marilyn Manson (sold)

Marvin Gaye (sold)

Marva Wright

Matt Murphy

Matthew Halsall

Memphis Slim

Michael Jackson

Mike Patton

Miles Davis

Miles Davis

Miles Davis

Montserrat Cabellé

Mozart (sold)

Muddy Waters

Nat King Cole

Neil Young

Niccolo Paganini

Nick Cave

Nico Haak

Nina Simone

Boetlek Spacetower

Nina Hagen

One String Sam

Olivia Ultra’s Kusjesmachine (sold)

Otis Rush

Pablo Hasél

Pablo Hasél

Ivan Rebroff

Jackie Wilson

Patrick Corleone

James Campbell (the blues piano player)

James Son Thomas (sold)


James Son Thomas

Patti Smith


Jane Birkin

Paul McCartney

Paulo Nuitini



Peter Tosh

Peter Zincken

Pieter Bast


Percy Sledge

Janis Joplin

Jay Z

Jimi Hendrix

Jim Morisson (sold)

Jody James Campbell, A great blues piano player, living Statue, Breakdancer and a great friend

Joe Bataan

Joe Cocker

John Spencer

Johnny Cash

Johnny Cohen and the New Age Nazis were a short lived punk band from Den Haag, Holland

Judge dread


Josephine Baker
Johnny Rotten

John Lee Hooker

John Lee Hooker (sold)

John Lennon

John Lennon (sold)

John Lennon (sold)

John Lennon

Johan Buziau

James White (sold)
Herman van Veen


Dave von Raven

Clous van Mechelen

Jacques Plafond

Lee Perry

Wilhelmina Kuttje JR

Jaap Knasterhuis

Tante Leen

Rotterdamse Riet

Mink Deville (sold)

David Bowie

David Bowie (sold)

David Byrne

David Murray

Dewey Phillips


Dizzy Gillepsie

Doris Day

Duke Ellington (sold)

Edith Piaf

Eek A Mouse

Elton John

Elvis Costello

Enrico Macias


Eugene Chadbourne

Fad Gadget

Fast Eddie

Fats Domino

Fee Waybill

First son

First son

Flavor Flav


Frank Sinatra

Fred Allen

Fred Allen

Franz Liszt

Fred Astaire

Frédéric François Chopin

George Brassens

George Gershwin

GG Allin

Giacomo Puccini

Gioachino Antonio Rossini

Giuseppe Fortunino Francesco Verdi

Grace Jones

Grace Jones

Gustavo Adrián Cerati

Grandmaster Flash

Gregory Porter

Freddy Mercury

Frank Zappa

Frank Zappa

Frank Zappa

Frank Zappa

Frank Zappa

Frank Zappa

Frank Zappa *

Elvis Presley (sold)

Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley

Edgar Froese

Edvard Varese
Tom Manders aka Dorus (sold)
Dizzy Gillepsie
Diana Ross (sold)
Deborah Harry



Rene van der Gijp

Louis van Gaal

Wim Suurbier

Sjaak Swart

Conor McGregor

Cor Eversteijn (sold)

Cor van den Brink

Cristiano Ronaldo

David Loggie

De Renner


Dennis Rodman

Eddy Merckx (sold)

Eddy Merckx

Edgard Davids

Eric Cantona

Epi Drost (sold)

Ewald Lienen

Faas Wilkes

Ferenc Puskas

Fitness lady

Floyd Mac Farland

Francois Faber

Freddy Maertens

Fausto Coppi (sold)

Fausto Coppi

Jack Johnson (boxer)

Jacques Anquetil

Jan Janssen

Jan Janssen

Jean Robic

Joe Gaetjens

Johan Cruyff

Johan Derksen

Josef Fischer

José Águas

Juan Román Riquelme

Justin Fashanu

Chinese Boxer 20 Century

George Sand

Georges de Calluwe

Gerard Reve

Gerard Croiset

Edgar Allen Poe (sold)

Dr. Timothy Leary

Drs P

Donatien Alphonse Drancois de Sade

Daan Hakkenberg (sold)

Sport journalist

Clinge Doorenbos

Christopher Marlowe

Charles Sanders Peirce

Charles Pierre Baudelaire

Charles Dickens

Charles Bukowski

Charles Bukowski (sold)

Carlos Ruiz Zafón

Carlo Collodi

Buddy Wakefield

Bram Stoker

Booker Washington

Bob Guccione

Bertrand Russel

Benedikt Taschen

Ibn Battuta

Baruch Spinoza

Bart Chabot

Balthasar Bekker

Autherine Lucy

Anton Szandor LaVey

Anton Slotboom (sold)

Angela Davis

Anais Nin

Alphonse Daudet

Amiri Baraka

Alfonso Daniel Rodriguez Castelao

Alfred Mombert

Alfred Russel Wallace

Alexandre Dumas

Aletta Jacobs

Aleister Crowley

Albert Kuyle

Al Goldstein

Albert Schweitzer

Adam Weishaupt

Arthur Miller

Allen Ginsberg

Allen Ginsberg

Drs. Leon Charpentier

Herman Brusselmans (sold)

Hippolyte Adolphe Taine


Honore de Balzac

Hugh Hefner

Hugo Borst

Hugo Claus

Hugo Raes

Iceberg Slim

Pieter Zandvliet

Herman Brusselmans

Elizabeth Miller

Elizabeth Wurtzel

Elizabett Barret

Bob den Uyl

Fernando Pessoa

Immanuel Kant (sold)

Isaac Newton

Istvan Szechenyi

Ivan Sergeyevich Turgenev

Jack Kerouac

Fjodor Dostojevski

Charles Darwin
Arthur Schopenhauer

Carel Willink



Hendrik Gardyn 


Sad dog (sold)


Dog and butterfly (sold)

Artistic doggy


Father and son

  Faya (sold)



Pez (sold)


Fosca (sold)

Floris (sold)


Disco duck

El Toro



Elvis Zandvliet


Baby fish


Baby Rhyno (sold)



Big bull (sold)

Bird walk


Boeda de hond (sold)





Dali after an operacion



Chicken with the sead


Bunny dude

Bunny girl



Dragon (2)

Dragon (sold)

Donkey on wheels

Burro Catalan (sold)

Burro Catalan (sold)

Burro Catalan (sold)

Burro Catalan (sold)

Burro Catalana (sold)


artistic frog



Donald Dead (sold)

Donald Duck

METOO SERIAL Acrylic on can canvas 30×30 cm

Ali B

Alexander Pechtold

Bill Cosby

Lil’ Kleine

Marco Borsato

More bad guys coming up soon!

Duckie Duck