Lambiek Comiclopedia

21 november 2021

this is the painting I made for the album cover of my band Boetlek Underground Escape, which you can listen to on bandcamp

My love for comics is clearly visible in my art. At one point I wanted to become a cartoonist, and I published one comic myself. It is therefore a great honor for me to be included in Lambiek’s Comiclopedia. Check out comiclopedia here:


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 A video of my showband the Boetlek Underground Escape
Now also available by GUVEN In Singapore Check out:  Guven Pte. Ltd 55 Serangoon North Avenue 4 S9 Building #07-01, Singapore 555859
De forester staat bijna klaar voor het avontuur: de carbagerun naar hongarije. De run gaat plaats vinden van maandag 4 juli t/m vrijdag 8 juli...