Pieter Zandvliet

Welcome to my art world!


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About me

My name is Jan Willem Pieter Zandvliet born in Leiden 1969. My work is characterized by my black framing lines, often filled in thin lined figures. Besides a dance of lines with which I often mislead people, I amplify the confusion through patterns and contrasting colours. Collectors of my works often let me know that they have discovered something new in a painting, sometimes only years after purchasing a work.

I aim to surprise and confuse people with my art, just as I often get confused by the normal situations for most people. I am autistic and try to draw the visitor of my exhibitions into how I view the World. The line if I may call it a line, because every work is always a completely different journey for me, I continue to the absurd novels I write and the music projects I do. I’ve come to like confusion. My work has been shown all over the world in galleries and various museums. Hope to see you at my next exhibition.